September 21, 2004

Microsoft software implicated in air traffic shutdown

Microsoft software implicated in air traffic shutdown there was human error envolved to be fair, a technician had forgotten to restart the computers after the allotted 30 day limit.

Having to shut down your vital air traffic control software every 30 days is not exactly a good thing. But the "data overload" bit sounds like they have a memory leak somewhere in the system to me. What caused this, Windows or the custom software, is not mentioned. But even if it is the custom software I expect moving from a UNIX platform had something to do with it as the engineers that originally designed it would not have as much experience with Windows and would therefore be more likely to make mistakes.

In a few years time I bet we will be seeing the same thing happen with the Royal Navy's use of Windows for warships. That is if the whole use of Windows wasn't a ploy to pump the costs up in order to get more money out of the government before switching back to the platform they know after finding Windows isn't up to the job.


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